I have a natural sympathy for weirdos.

"Its like she’s a young black man in a white girls body"

Some people were just meant to be single.

I guess Im one of those people.

Today I will except that.

I want you so much that it scares me…


If I deserve the world then why do I get Hell.
If you want me then why don’t you show it.
If you can’t lose me then why do you push me away.
If you’re real then prove it.
If you deserve nothing then why do I give you everything…


The wax in my wings has finally melted.

I’ve flown way too close to the sun.

I should have learned my lesson.

But the chase was far too fun.

This, IS real.

I will believe until I am proven wrong.


Out of ganja. So is everyone else. Had a shit day. REALLY NEEDED IT.


How can you sit there and ream someone because YOU dodnt me plans with them on THEIR birthday. Its not up to them to go out of their way to force you to do something for them. And the fact that you get butthurt because someone else actually DOES take initiative to do something for them makes you really selfish and rude. Then telling them its their fault you’re upset because you’re jealous nd think you’re being replace by every person they talk to shows how insecure and immature you are. You are lucky that they are still trying to make time for you and if you really did care about hanging out with them like you said you did then you would take the opportunity and be glad they could fit you in on top of work babysitting and oh THEIR birthday. Does anybody disagree with my POV?

I am a ship
Lost at sea.
My love is at the end
Im beginning to feel the misery.
Never at the same place
at the same time
Loves delicate flowers weep and sigh.
How do we come to terms with the way things really are?
How do I face the facts?
Where did we go when time flew so fast?
The wind blew everything away at last….